Flight TR-131 has departed from Rio de Janeiro at 9:00 pm that Sunday, August, 2001, arriving in Sao Paulo almost one hour later. As the passengers were on board in Sao Paulo, and having checked the procedures, it was time to take off with destination to Germany. A non-stop flight to Frankfurt. Nearly half a day of flight ahead. The U$6,500 charged for a round trip first-class ticket, was a drop in the ocean for the ones traveling there. Only one passenger was traveling in one of those very special seats, that night: Him: Orkar Frota da Costa.

As usual, he actually paid U$13,000 to get the seat by his side for his tailor-made suitcase to travel with him to avoid it getting mixed with other suitcases in the baggage compartment Besides that, the suitcase exceeded the 115 cm of total length. Length plus width, plus height. And it was much heavier than than the 5 kilos allowed by airline. Therefore, it was treated as a passenger. As a human being. However, despite the fact that money was not an issue, he had spent more money this time.

 He should have bought a one-way ticket. Because, on the way back, he would go straight to hell. Non- Stop. Anyway, in a way or another, he had spent more that he should. He was going to fly back in a coffin, although of best quality, he was going to travel in the airplane´s cargo. He was going to be murdered on board.


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